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Board of Directors

Meet the team

The board of directors, a cornerstone of organizational leadership, consists of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise. They steer the company's strategic direction, ensuring accountability and fostering growth. Through collaborative decision-making, they exemplify the organization's commitment to excellence and integrity.

Criton Tornaritis


George Amvrosiades

Vice President

Paris Klerides


Michalis Xadjidemetriou


Giorgos Georgiades

Controller of Races & Evaluation

Kendia Kendea

Ammohostos Chess Group

Vasilis Karaolis

Larnaca Chess Group

Gregoris Daniel

Limassol Chess Group

Nikolas Artemis

Paphos Chess Group

Nakis Christofides

Nicosia Chess Group

Giannis Odysseos

Chess Friends Group

Stylianos Vanezis

Arion Chess Group

Stathis Antoniou

Kaissa Chess Group

Nikolas Constantinou

Criton Tornaritis Chess Group

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