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4th Leg of Grand Prix Chess Tournament

September 15

Rapid Swiss System, 7 rounds – 10′ + 3″

The Chess Grand Prix 2024 events are regular standalone chess tournaments that are connected to become the Grand Prix series, where each event contributes to the overall ranking of participants at the end of the season when prize money are awarded. At the end of the CGP 2024 Season, bonus payments totalling EUR 300 will be paid out to the top 3 finalists based on the accumulated CGP Points over the season. One goal of the CGP 2024 is to promote chess tournaments in Cyprus and to have fun and add excitement and significance to each competition. Play in one event or all six, and follow the progress of the race on our scoreboard! Have a look at last season’s CCT2023 scoreboard to see how things played out in 2023. We’ll unveil a new scoreboard in 2024.

GP Points shall be awarded based on the final ranking of player in each event as set out below. The same point allocations shall apply to both the rapid and blitz events.

  • The organiser shall award trophies to the players taking the first three places in each event. (additional trophies will be awarded in the special u12 category and unrated category)
  • The first U12 player of each CGP 2024 event will be awarded with a 20 euro ChessBase voucher offered by Simba Trainers Chess Academy .
  • The three players who score the most CGP Points over the course of the 2024 Season shall be awarded Bonus Payments as follows: 1st: EUR 180, 2nd: EUR 80, 3rd EUR: 40 (Total: EUR 300)
  • The first U12 player who will accumulate the most CGP points during the 2024 season will be awarded with a 100 euro ChessBase voucher offered by Simba Trainers Chess Academy .


Kaissa Chess Club


Kaissa Chess Club