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To become a member of the National Team, you must qualify through specific tournaments. For the main National Team & Women’s National Team, qualification is based on your performance in the All Cyprus Indoor Championship, while if you are interested in the U-16 National Team, qualification is determined by your performance in the All Cyprus Open Championship. These tournaments are the way to represent our country on the international chess stage.


The National Team for 2023 consists of the players FM Konstantinos Michaelidis, Alexandros Isaakidis, Raphael Antoniou, Samuel Konstantinou and FM Paris Cleridis. The Team Leader is FM Paris Cleridis. In addition, the National U-16 Team for 2023 consists of the players Raphael Antoniou, Daniel Daniel, Andreas Karaolis and Christina Bouzana, with the Coach/Team Leader FM Paris Cleridis. For this year, our women’s national team will not take part in any league, and therefore we do not have a women’s national team. We plan to have again next year.


Our highest achievement is 4th place in the Olympiad of Small States of Europe. In addition, we have won two individual medals at the Chess Olympiads, a Gold and a Bronze! It is also worth noting the Silver medal for individual performance in the Pan-European Team Championship. Also, several of our players get instant titles due to their outstanding performance. These successes underline our commitment to developing excellence in chess at all levels.


For 2023, our national team will represent Cyprus in October at the Small States of Europe Olympiad. The U-16 National Team has already represented Cyprus this year at the U-16 Chess Olympiad, where they took a respectable 51st place.

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