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Freedom Finance Europe Elevates the Cyprus Open Chess Championship 2024 with Its Support and Engagement

In an inspiring display of strategy and intellect, the Cyprus Chess Federation kicked off the much-anticipated Cyprus Open Chess Championship 2024, a prestigious event that drew chess aficionados from across the island to the grand venue of Hotel Elias in Limassol. This year’s championship, held from February 9th to March 3rd, was not just a testament to the enduring appeal of chess but also to the collaborative spirit of its supporters, including FastForward, which played a pivotal role in the event’s success.

FastForward attended the championship, offering its wholehearted support to this intellectual gala.

Adding to the event’s prestige, the Cyprus Chess Federation proudly announced Freedom Finance Europe as the general partner, a collaboration that highlighted a shared vision for excellence and community impact. Criton Tornaritis, the President of the Cyprus Chess Federation, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, emphasizing the aligned goals of promoting intellectual competition and camaraderie through chess.

Our discussions with Victoria Dyakova, Head of Event Management at Freedom Finance, provided a deeper understanding of Freedom’s cultural initiatives in Cyprus.

As one of the biggest financial institutions in Cyprus, we understand our responsibility to bring positive change, and our engagement in cultural and sports events like the Open Chess Championship stems from our broader philosophy. We see sport as an integral element of a thriving community, and chess is an exemplary discipline, where success is driven by creative and strategic thinking, and open mind, much like in finance and investments. We believe that by supporting local initiatives and cultivating opportunities for local talent to succeed in chess, football, and sailing, we create a positive effect on the Cypriot athletic community

Additionally, our interaction with Nicos Nicolaides, Mayor of Limassol, highlighted the city’s commitment to supporting cultural and intellectual activities, further enriching our experience at the championship.

These conversations were not only enlightening but also underscored the collaborative spirit that made the event a remarkable success.

The Cyprus Open Chess Championship 2024 was not just a competition; it was a celebration of strategic brilliance and community spirit. For enthusiasts eager to learn more or participate in future events, additional information and registration details can be found on the Cyprus Chess Federation’s official website.