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Countdown Shortcode
[countdown id="28222"]
Event Details Shortcode
[event_details id="28048"]
Event Results Shortcode
[event_results id="28048"]
Event Performance Shortcode
[event_performance id="28048"]
Event Calendar Shortcode
[event_calendar status="future" initial="0" caption_tag="h3" show_all_events_link="1"]
Event Blocks Shortcode
[event_blocks id="28048"]
Event List Shortcode
League Table Shortcode
[league_table number="5" columns="w,l"]
Player Details Shortcode
[player_details id="28045"]
Player Statistics Shortcode
[player_statistics id="28045"]
Player List Shortcode
[player_list show_all_players_link="1"]
Player Gallery Shortcode
[player_gallery id="28212" number="8" columns="4" grouping="position"]
Staff List Shortcode
[staff_list] -
Staff Gallery Shortcode
[staff_gallery] -
Sponsors Shortcode

ADD Shortcode

League table
[team_standings 28097]
League table
[team_gallery 28243 number="6" columns="3" grouping="position" grouptag="h3" size="sportspress-fit-icon" show_all_players_link="1"]
Event Venue
[event_venue 28048]
[event_teams 28048]
event_full 28048 - BIG